Member Services Representative/Board of Director/Supervisory Committee Opportunities

We are looking to hire a Member Services Representative, as well as fill two vacancies within our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

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Member Services Representative Position Description

Position Title: MSR I

Reports to: Assistant Manager

Compensation: based on prior experience

Qualifications: high school diploma or GED equivalent

Purpose: Serve as a liaison between the member and the Credit Union.  Provide account information by phone or in person, as well as information on the full range of products and services of the Credit Union.  Open accounts for members, resolve issues, and professionally handle the member's daily needs.  Provide a variety of transactional services to members.

MSR Duties and Responsibilities Summary:

  • Greet and welcome members and visitors to the Credit Union in a professional manner.  Provide prompt, efficient, and accurate service in the processing of transactions.
  • Respond to email or other electronic requests submitted by members.
  • Respond to member requests, problems, or complaints through research and/or direct members to the appropriate Credit Union staff member for specific information and assistance.
  • Set up account files, and provide members with all necessary information for membership.
  • Process member mail transactions.
  • Mail receipts and checks to members as indicated by policies and procedures.
  • Provide information on saving alternatives to members depositing funds within the Credit Union.
  • Other duties as directed by the Assistant Manager.

Supervisory Committee Position Description

Position Title: Supervisory Committee Member

Accountable to: Membership, Board of Directors

Term: Elected by the Membership for a staggered three-year term. No term limits. 

Compensation: $11.00/hour per hours worked in official capacity.

Qualifications: Must be a member of the Credit Union in good standing.

Committee Responsibility Summary:

  • Provides oversight of operational procedures and safety of members' funds.
  • Ensures that internal controls are in place and operating correctly.
  • Oversees lending, accounting, and operating activities to verify detail of internal controls and operating procedures.
  • Initiates annual audit by selecting an independent, professional auditing firm to perform internal audit responsibilities.

Yearly Duties:

  • Complete member account verifications (typically conducted by an outside, contracted CPA firm).
  • Contract with management to have a CPA firm conduct at least an agreed-upon procedures audit.
  • During one quarter per year, reviews:
    • Closed accounts, Returned Mail, Exceptions, ALLL report
    • New accounts, Investments, Dormant Accounts, Outside audits, Bank statements 

Semi-Annual Duties:

  • Hold a meeting appointing a chairperson and secretary to take minutes of the Committee meetings.
  • Conduct an audit for the State of Minnesota.
  • During two non-consecutive calendar quarters:
    • Perform cash counts, Review loan files

If you are interested in a position on our Supervisory Committee, please contact Charlie Yenni at 651-228-7672 or [email protected].

Board of Director Position Description

Position Title: Board of Director Member 

Accountable to: Membership

Term: Elected by the Membership for a staggered three-year term. No term limits.

Compensation: $11.00/hour per hours worked in official capacity.


  • Must be a member of the Credit Union in good standing.
  • Must be able to read and interpret basic financial statements.

Position Responsibility:

  • Establish and implement written policies that:
    • Are clear
    • Are consistent with Credit Union objectives
    • Are in compliance with all Federal and State statutes, rules, regulations, and bylaws of the Credit Union
    • Benefit the membership
    • Are sound and ethical business practices

Position Liability:

  • The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible to the membership and the regulatory agencies that oversee the operation of the Credit Union.
  • The Credit Union carries Directors and Officers liability insurance in order to protect volunteers.
  • Directors and Officers liability coverage is not a substitute for competent and prudent management.

Position Description:

  • The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the general direction and control of the affairs of the Credit Union.
    • General Direction: relates to policy decisions involving setting policy within the guidelines and regulations pertaining to credit unions, the Credit Union bylaws, and charter.
    • Control: involves ensuring that established policies and directions are carried out. 

Fiduciary Duties:

  • Duty of Care: Directors must act in good faith and exercise their duties in a reasonable and prudent manner.
  • Duty of Loyalty: Directors must put the interests of the Credit Union above their own… avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Accomplished with other Board members and Management to provide effective and efficient directions of the Credit Union to benefit members. 

Primary Board Responsibilities:

  • The ultimate responsibility for the Credit Union rests with the Board of Directors.
  • Serves the Credit Union membership.
    • Maintain confidentiality of all members.
  • Provides direction and control of the Credit Union.
  • Reviews and approves the written policies of the Credit Union in the areas of:
    • Share savings: rates, and terms
    • Loans: maximum loan amounts, interest rates, terms, and acceptable collateral
    • Collections
    • Investments and Borrowing
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Hire and retain a competent President/CEO
  • Approve and review operations and budget to ensure the safety and soundness of the Credit Union
  • Attend all scheduled Board and Committee meetings

Secondary Board Responsibilities:

  • Elect Officers of the Board
  • Provide necessary office facilities
  • Act on all membership applications
  • Designate depositories for funds
  • Determine surety bond needs annually
  • Authorize necessary insurance

If you are interested in a position on our Board of Directors, please contact Charlie Yenni at 651-228-7672 or [email protected].