Help the cause and get rewarded. When you refer an Xcel Energy co-worker or family member of a current member to join NSP St. Paul Credit Union, we’ll reward both of you with a $25 deposit. That’s right. $25. Each.

The referred person must submit a completed referral form, open a Membership/Savings account with Direct Deposit along with one of these three options:

  1. Open a Kasasa checking account or
  2. Complete an approved loan or
  3. Complete an approved credit card 

Completion of Direct Deposit and product option must happen within 45 days from referral. After the first Direct Deposit comes in to the referred member's account, we’ll make the Reward deposit to both accounts. 

Plus, if we open a Kasasa checking account or complete a Loan or Credit card from either of you within 30 days of the first direct deposit, we will reward each of you one more $25 deposit. That’s $50 for you — $50 for them. 

Our goal at NSPCU is "To be the primary financial institution to every Xcel Energy employee and their family." By encouraging the growth of our membership, you help strengthen the Credit Union. This means more products and services, along with better rates and fewer fees.

Open a checking account in minutes. And don’t hesitate to contact us for questions or help.