Service Fees

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $20.00 per wire
Account Research and Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
ACH Origination Return Fee $30.00 per item
ACH or Share Draft Stop Payment Order (Good for six months) $30.00 per request
Stop Payment on Credit Union issued check (Must wait two weeks after initial issue) $30.00 per check
Account Overdraft/NSF $30.00 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds from Deposited Check $30.00 per check
Replacement of VISA Debit Card (non-rush) 1 free per calendar year, $5.00 after
Rush Replacement of VISA Debit or Credit Card $75.00
Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Free
Credit Union issued check (First three per month are free) $3.00 per check
Check photocopy (2 free per month) $5.00 per check
Portal Pay (Loan Payments only) $2.00 per submission
Address Update (Post Office notifies Credit Union) $3.00
Duplicate Paper Statement $5.00 per statement
Loan Late Fees Varies by product and member's state of residence.
Non-perfected Lien $20.00
Duplicate Lien Release $5.00 per lien release
Duplicate Satisfaction of Mortgage $25.00 per satisfaction
Subordination Agreement $50.00 per initial agreement; $25.00 per re-issue agreement
Loan Coupon Book $5.00 per loan
Inactive Account/Dormant Fee (assessed on primary share accounts with less than a $200 balance after one calendar year of no activity; monthly interest is not considered activity) $5.00 per month (maximum $60.00) in first year; may not be assessed in second year; may be reassessed in third year, up to $60 maximum.
Below Minimum Balance Fee (one time) $0.01-$9.99 (Below $10.00 minimum threshold)
VISA Credit Card late fee (5 day grace period after 28th of month) $30.00 per statement
BaZing Checking $6.00 per month
BaZing Premium Checking

$8.00 per month (waived if average daily balance is $1,000 or greater

Freedom Checking Checking $7.00 per month (waived if average daily balance is $100 or greater

*Fees are subject to change at any time without notice.